Grading & competency

At OPS Group, we know that all of our personnel are competent: our Competence Monitoring System (CMS) has been developed to produce documentation in support of this.

Our CMS, now seven years old, is continually reviewed and developed to add more disciplines and to ensure it remains current in the industry. As the system has evolved we have been able to build in more flexibility – this enables us to transfer other recognised and approved competencies into our own CMS. In other words, if contractors already have proof of competency from another acceptable and verifiable source, they do not have to go through the whole process again in order to be recognised as competent.

We work in conjunction with a qualified D33 / D34 verifier to create and maintain a Competence Monitoring System that is simple for our clients to support and free to our contractors.

We ask our clients to encourage their own supervisory personnel to complete our competency forms for OPS contractors. We then compile a competency record for every contractor who returns the forms. Each contractor receives a Certificate of Competence when sufficient evidence has been collected.

The CMS is also linked to our grading structure. Our comprehensive grading process (from Assistant Operator to Project Engineer) uses a combination of questioning, references, related training and self-assessment. Our technical experts assess experience against a given set of criteria (OPS Grading Guidelines) and assign an appropriate grade. This enables our operations team to find and place contractors on assignments that best suit their skills and capabilities and clients’ requirements.

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