At OPS Group we are dedicated to looking after our contractors and providing a comprehensive support package, wherever you are in the world. We take the matter of insurance seriously and consider it essential that all of our contractors are insured before beginning work.

Who is covered? Every single contractor on assignment for OPS Group is automatically covered under our Group policies: Employers’ & Public Liability and Group Personal Accident, Illness & Travel Policy.* If you work through our Australia office you are also covered for Workers Compensation. Full details of our insurance cover is in the Terms & Conditions you received with your start pack. If you need another copy or wish to speak to someone about your cover, please contact our Business Manager, Bethan Johns, at

Are you a Limited Company contractor? You are automatically covered too! We want to ensure all our contractors are fully covered, particularly when working abroad in potentially difficult areas, in case of illness or injury. Our insurance cover is fully comprehensive and our underwriter will only use approved medical facilities.

Still need or want your own cover? We know that some agencies insist on contractors providing their own insurance cover and we have seen some insurance being mis-sold because the insurance companies do not have a true understanding of Oil & Gas work. If you do need your own cover, then please contact our insurance partners Kingsbridge KPSol for a very competitive quote. KPSol, know exactly what our contractors need (because they already provide it to us!) The KPSol package provides all the cover you need and for very reasonable premiums. If you have any questions and don’t want to talk to KPSol directly, in the first instance, contact our Aberdeen office and speak to Bethan.

The KPSol insurance ‘bundle’ includes:

  • Public Liability £5 million
  • Employers’ liability £10 million
  • Personal accident cover: £500 per week/£100,000 death benefit
  • Professional liability: £1 million
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability: £100,000

*Please note: the OPS Group insurances cover you for accident/illness on assignment only – it is not Life Insurance and does not pay you for loss of earnings. If you need to be covered around-the-clock or want private healthcare (very useful for those of you who live overseas), we work with various insurance partners who can provide this sort of cover for very competitive prices. We know insurance can be a bit of minefield, as can ‘call centres, so please feel free to call and speak to one of us with your questions.